Gramsci A.- Selections from the Prison Notebooks

The present edition comprises a selection of texts from the Notebooks (Quaderni del car cere) written by Gramsci in prison between 1929 and 1935. There is still no critical edition of the Quaderni in Italian, though one is in course of preparation at the Istituto Gramsci in Rome.

A preliminary edition containing the bulk of Gramsci’s original material, excepting translations and rejected drafts, was brought out by the Turin publisher Einaudi in six volumes between 1948 and 1 95 1, under the editorship of Felice Platone. The same edition contains a volume of Prison Letters {Lettere dal carcere, 1947), now superseded by a more complete edition, and a series of volumes of the pre- 1 926 writings, from the period prior to Gramsci’s imprisonment. Our selection is based on this Einaudi edition of the Quaderni, with the addition of one or two previously unpublished texts and with a slight rearrangement of the order in certain places.